Written for and performed by FiveOne Experimental Orchestra (51XO). This is one of my most recent open score works (mixed chamber, 4+ players). It was premiered at NEOSonicFest in Cleveland, March 2016.

AIR (2013)

Dance score for voice + electronics, featuring the lovely soprano pipes of Jung Eun Oh. This is the second installment of the Four Elements cycle, commissioned and premiered by Inlet Dance Theatre at CPT's DanceWorks 2013.

Nameless Grace (2013)

For solo violin, originally performed as a dance score.  This work was commissioned by Natalie Lin, a fantastic violinist, in collaboration with Mikaela Clark and Mackenzie Valley of Without Words Movement. It was premiered at Cleveland Public Theatre's DanceWorks 2013. This is a "studio" recording of Natalie Lin performing the work in my tiny attic. (Isn't that every composer's ideal recording setup?)

Beauty in Refuse (2009)

Electronic dance score.  My first one, so it's close to my heart.  I wrote this one for Mikaela Clark and Mackenzie Clevenger for their Ingenuity Festival 2009 performance in a downtown Cleveland back alley.  What a magical night that was.

Hearing (2006)

This is one of my first electronic tracks, and remains one of my favorites. Go figure.

Mercury Retrograde (2009)

String quartet in three movements.  Commissioned by Erica Ward and the Mauthe String Quartet. This one was inspired by the eerie illusion created by Mercury's elliptical orbit wherein it appears (from Earth) that it is moving backwards for a short time every few months. Listen for the forks at the end of movements 1 and 3. I suggested spoons. They used forks. They were right, the forks sounded better. But I'm not bitter...

Control (Multimode Filter, 2009)

This one is also a dance score. I'm part of an electronic composer ensemble (ok, ok...."band") with two friends of mine, Michael Bratt and Mark Nowakowski. We call ourselves Multimode Filter, and this was our first dance score as a group. We are (still) working on our first full length album right now. Yup. Say a prayer for us.

Meridian (2009)

For orchestra. Awesome performance by the CIM Orchestra with Marcelo Ramos holding the baton. The title comes from that moment when you know you are on the precipice of a new chapter in your life or in history; when you know something significant is about to change. The moment itself is brief, but carries a strange and distinct feeling with it--much like an approaching shift in weather: uncertainty, apprehension, or perhaps excitement....and the sudden realization that things will never again be the same. That fleeting sense of mystery is what I hope to evoke with this piece.

Opening from Without Words (2011)

This is the brief opening scene from a dance work entitled Without Words that I wrote the score for last year. My good friends Mikaela Clark and Mackenzie Clevenger decided to use their art to fight global human trafficking through an incredibly moving evening-length multimedia performance, and they invited a number of other artists, including me, to join with them. Keep an eye on these ladies. Their work not only fosters awareness, it inspires action. The rest of the score is much too long to post here, but I felt the listening page would be incomplete without at least a short excerpt from this work, which is incredibly close to my heart.

Like Fire on Wind (2008)

For amplified violin with delay pedal. I wrote this one for a friend of mine, Elizabeth Phelps, who premeired it at the inaugural FiveOne Experimental Orchestra concert in May of 2008. I controlled the settings on the delay pedal in real-time for this live recording of the premeire. (With my hands.) Super fun.

Thank You, Mr. Morricone (2008)

Also from the first FiveOne concert. Admittedly, you kinda had to be there for this one; the ensemble encircled the audience and we had two trap sets on opposite corners of the room. This is a basic stereo recording, but hopefully you get the idea. This was the first piece I wrote for FiveOne.

The Business Section (2010)

This piece was written for FiveOne for a show at the Cleveland Public Theatre called Extra! Extra!. Still not sure if I needed that last period or not. This track is a live field recording of opening night, so please bear with the sound quality and balance.

Slipstream (2011)

I composed this one for last December's FiveOne concert at the Sculpture Center in Cleveland. I wrote an electronic track (which you are listening to here) for our sax and bassoon players to improvise over. It's hard to get a sense of how that worked without hearing it all together; hopefully I will be able to get the full electroacoustic version recorded and uploaded soon. Regardless, I think the electronics-only version works pretty well on its own. This is one of the more ambient pieces I have written, and is my first (predominantly) electronic piece for FiveOne.

I have many other tracks, and sometime soon I may post more of them or shuffle some around. Hope you enjoy listening for a bit. I am throwing the idea around of setting up separate audio pages for my electronic and concert works. We'll see. If you are a performer and would like a copy of a score (or want to talk about commissioning a new work for your instrument or ensemble), by all means, please email me. I also love working with filmmakers and dancers. I can be reached at